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Siwat’s Saturday morning

Walking out in soi to eat egg noodles and Patongo is my favorite activity every Saturday morning. It’s a true happiness smiling at your village’s friends (eventhough I don’t know them personally), the shop owners, watching all the dogs in the calming morning, and most of the times those kids running in the playground.

It’s a part of my simple ideas to live happily.

How do I experience? Check out the video below.

More details in Thai posted in my old Live Spaces!FAF44BBAB4921FFF!134.entry!FAF44BBAB4921FFF!1321.entry

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For Bangkok University Students krub :-)

Hope you all like my lecture last week na krub.

For those who want the presentation file for your reference, please contact A. Malee and she can give you the link to download. 

Alternatively, please e-mail me na krub siwat (at) siwat (dot) com

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