My Twitter note from ABF – social media marketing seminar 18 June

  • Im now on stage, listening to presentation from Gilbert Lo. #
  • Gil did link Longtail concept well with Ad Network concept. #
  • Targeting drives perfomance. #
  • P Wanchat is now on stage talking about Online advertising change. #
  • Ring a bell while feeding a dog. #
  • P Wanchat presented his geeky chain reaction concept again in front of marketers. OMG! #
  • Thanks P Wanchat for such a great 2nd round of his theories, this round he linked it well to real world implication. #
  • News consumption online is on par with TV., globally. #
  • Wolfgang Jaegel presents his renowned campaign made for Ibis hotel group. #
  • Yes! @kengdotcom presents Kryptonite case study with some new videos! #
  • Work enter Kryponite bike lock~~ the new version by @kengdotcom. #
  • All today’s speakers said exactly the same thing. Consumers didn’t believe the ad, the did believe what other consumers say. #
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