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Reaching men through sports site(s)

We all know (by senses) that men love sports. Most of the time we apply this thinking to the way we reach out our male target audience. However, we also see women spend their time watching Live soccer matches on TV as well as express their opinions over online sports forum.

How effective would it be if we want to reach out men by placing our ads on sports site(s) then?

From our observation over, we could not just call it “sports site” as the different type of sites may attract men/women differently. “Sports News sites” e.g., have the most male-skewed profile where 70% of the readers are male. Surprisingly, “Betting Sites” like are less-skewed having 65% male reader while “Fan Club sites” are the most girly containing 40% female readers, no matter it’s Liverpool’s or Manchester United’s.

Alternatively, we could reach out our male target by placing our ads on “Sports Channel” from which is the most male-skewed by 80% of audience are male. This is even better than picking “Men Channel” by itself. Pretty tricky?

Feeling a bit close to World Cup now? Raise your appetite by watching this “Best Goals in History of Football” clip and add another count on top of 2.5 million views by the others.

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