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Foursquare added “WHERE” element to the social media development

The emergence of foursquare also added the new “WHERE” element to the development of social media. Driven by GPS technology, we can foresee how this application affect our way of living the same way the other social media did in the past. Obviously, technologies are the driver behind changes of consumer behavior nowadays.

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Foursquare : Do Thai marketers have to pay attention to this location-based service now?

If 2009 was the year of Twitter, 2010 looks set to be the year foursquare steals that crown. A service that mixes social, locative and gaming elements to encourage people explore the cities in which they live.

Haven’t heard about it? Register at , download the application to your mobile device and give a try. Upon your first check-in, you may find the tips those the previous visitors shared about that particular place.

Foursquare has already been embraced by some early-adopters in Thailand*. Nevertheless, many marketers will be asking what all the fuss is about and whether they need to pay any attention.

At present this means that it’s mainly businesses such as restaurants and cafes taking an interest in foursquare. But we can certainly see it spreading so that any business with a physical representation, whether it’s a retailer or a bank, should consider how customers using foursquare could affect their reputation.

* We randomly picked 9 places those have more than 100 people checked-in, obviously there are still limited amount of users. However, it’s worth to keep monitoring these people as they are not only check-in to show their presence, but also add some tips those may affect the followers’ purchase decision.

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My Twitter note for Digital Marketing seminar by Eyeblaster

  • Shocked with Michael Jackson news. R.I.P. #
  • 30% of consumers time on the Internet, but only < 5% of marketing budget are allocated to online medium. #
  • Lighthouse calories banner looks good. #
  • Only 20% of conversion are click-based, the remaining 80% are impression-based. #
  • In @eyeblaster seminar organized in Bangkok. Jordan Khoo is now on stage. #
  • Just gotta know that tonight will be another long long night. Business matters? #
  • RT @cameronjohnson Michael Jackson has the top 15 spots of the bestseller list on amazon music. #
  • P Tik is now presenting Silverlight on stage. #
  • Lee Smith, CEO Digital of Omnicom Media Group APAC just arrived. We’ll have another interesting session right after this. #
  • All credits to John Wanamaker, his famous quote was presented twice. One in the opening session by myself and another by Lee Smith. #
  • “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” is that quote. Wiki “John Wanamaker” for details. #
  • “Return on Information”, every $$ we spend, should lead to new info > knowledge > future improvements. Interesting ROi definition from Lee. #


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My Twitter note from ABF – social media marketing seminar 18 June

  • Im now on stage, listening to presentation from Gilbert Lo. #
  • Gil did link Longtail concept well with Ad Network concept. #
  • Targeting drives perfomance. #
  • P Wanchat is now on stage talking about Online advertising change. #
  • Ring a bell while feeding a dog. #
  • P Wanchat presented his geeky chain reaction concept again in front of marketers. OMG! #
  • Thanks P Wanchat for such a great 2nd round of his theories, this round he linked it well to real world implication. #
  • News consumption online is on par with TV., globally. #
  • Wolfgang Jaegel presents his renowned campaign made for Ibis hotel group. #
  • Yes! @kengdotcom presents Kryptonite case study with some new videos! #
  • Work enter Kryponite bike lock~~ the new version by @kengdotcom. #
  • All today’s speakers said exactly the same thing. Consumers didn’t believe the ad, the did believe what other consumers say. #
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    My Twitter note from ABF – social media marketing seminar 19 June

  • Khun Steve Vincent from Aziam Burson-Marsteller starts his presentation on PR2.0. #
  • Steve recommends four great corporate blogs. (1) Google = #
  • Steve’s great corporate blogs (2) GM = #
  • Steve’s great corporate blogs (3) Wal-Mart = #
  • Steve’s great corporate blogs (4) Southwest Airline = #
  • Steve also named another blog for anti-Wal-Mart people, #
  • It’s great that Steve is the 1st speaker of the day, perfectly linked with yesterday’s afternoon speakers. Social media > Blogs > PR2.0. #
  • We need to put cool & weird things on Youtube in order to make it popular. A traditional corporate video is not a choice :-P #
  • Online spokesperson needs 3 skills (1) High-EQ (2) Knowledge deep & broad (3) Technical ability. #
  • K. Tan walked the attendees through JWT Avatar episodes, all are shown on his Youtube channel at #
  • P Rong Proximity showed up “Spectrum of Engagement” chart > #
  • Have you ever heard about *Miracle on the Hudson*? Follow the guy on that ferry at @jkrums. #
  • Yellow Tree house is cool! > #
  • iPhone Jonny is another cool shot by Yellow > #
  • Radical thinking from Skittles, check out and see it yourself krub :-) #
  • Khun Aor Google starts her presentation on Search Marketing. Thailand is the “heaviest search” country in SEA. #
  • Khun Aor reinforces that people search for products information before making decision. 67% of computer purchasers did it before purchase. #
  • Think the attendees will go back and try, at least 3 out of 11 speakers recommended it. #
  • Today’s coffee consumption : 1 Americano + 1 Double-Espresso + 1 single Espresso = Total 4 units already. #
  • 80 million minutes = accumulate time spent on Hotmail, by Thai people, per day!, according to P Tik, Kamolpat, from Microsoft. #
  • Khun Jinn from MRM Worldwide is now on stage, introducing 4 types of consumers (1) influencer (2) connector (3) observer (4) ignorer. #
  • Influencer REACH = Ability to target, engage, and *convert* the right influencer. #
  • Influencer ACTIVITY = Ability to make influencer generate word of mouth, we measure no. of discussion, quality of discussion (+)(-). #
  • We need clear objectives, Is it for awareness, brand advocate, revenue, acquisition, or loyalty? #
  • We measure engagement by looking at duration, frequency, page view, return visits. #
  • We could also measure engagement by looking at *relevant action taken*. #
  • Dr. Piya ma waeewwwww ~~~~. Must be an interesting session packed with data from #
  • Just created FB group for this seminar. #
  • A collection of URLs mentioned in ABF seminar > #
  • Thailand Internet growth, by PV = 28%, by daily IP = 32%. Latest number of users = 16.8 million, according to Dr. Piya. #
  • FB group for ABF seminar members : #
  • 300,000,000 times = no. of times Thai people search for anything on search engine. #
  • Popularity rate, Sanook = 51%, Kapook = 35%, Mthai = 29%, Dek-D = 21%, Teenee = 21%. #
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